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4 Tips If You Just Inherited A Home

Inheriting a house can be a cause for celebration, but what if the house you inherited is in major disrepair? This can pose a problem for a lot of people who maybe weren’t expecting to inherit the house. If you find yourself in this situation and have inherited a house in Fresno that is in disrepair, there are five tips you can follow to make the process of dealing with it less overwhelming.

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Take Up Residence

The first tip is to consider taking up residence in the house. However, before moving in, you need to ready the house by cleaning it out and making any necessary repairs. Alternatively, you can sell the property directly to a local cash investor, such as the Mutari Group, who will buy it as-is for cash. If you’re wondering what kind of cash offer you can expect, give us a call! .

Rental Property

Another option is to turn the inherited house into a rental property, but becoming a landlord comes with responsibilities, such as following all local, state, and federal laws concerning tenants, establishing a stringent tenant screening process, and responding promptly to emergencies. A cash investor like those at Mutari Group works with top-notch property managers who can help you avoid the costs of undesirable tenant placements.


If you decide to sell the property, you have the option of prepping the house and listing it as an FSBO, but this approach is often unsuccessful. Be prepared to receive phone calls from anyone and everyone asking about your house. You could also list it with a real estate agent; however, unless you plan on making repairs before selling, you would need to sell the house AS-IS and below market value. You will still be responsible for agent commissions and closing costs. A better option is to sell the property by working with local cash investors like those at Mutari Group, who will buy your inherited house for a fair market value without charging any real estate commissions.

You also need to understand the costs of holding the property, such as the mortgage, taxes, insurance, and utilities, as well as the emotional cost of losing precious time with family and friends. If you want to sell the property quickly, a cash investor like those from Mutari Group can provide you with a guaranteed closing date with no closing costs in just a few days. Just make sure you do these things first before selling your house for cash.

Mutari Group

Mutari Group is a direct cash investor that can help you sell your inherited house with transparency and without any obligation. The cash investors at Mutari Group will provide you with a breakdown of the expenses and profit of each sales method so that you can make an educated decision about what works best for you. If you have inherited a house in Fresno, why not talk to one of the cash investors at Mutari Group today? Call Mutari Group at (559) 379-5416 Send Text or Contact Us

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